About Us

Doganlar Gıda was founded in 1986 by Metin Doğan in the name of Doğan Kuruyemişleri; the firm has entered the food sector with dried nuts. The company, which has been keeping its quality since its inception, was developed in 1998 by Metin Doğan and his son Çetin Doğan with the name of Doganlar Gida Ltd. Sti. and kept its status by producing dried nuts, lokum (Turkish delight) and Turkish coffee in the food sector.
Doğanlar Gida develops with customer satisfaction due to the quality and hygiene and continues its services in domestic and abroad with its professional staff and advanced equipments in 2000 m2 closed area. We, Doganlar Gida, present really sweet and various shapes of GELATINE-FREE soft jelly candy with our own brand JOLEBOM to all over the world with the help of our over 30 year-old experience. We already work with lots of companies from various regions of the world. We thank them for bringing the high quality and HALAL products to their consumers. We don’t use any animal-sourced materials. By this point of view; while we focus on to produce HALAL products, we produce VEGAN and GLUTEN-FREE items at the same time. Our mission is to provide services which are fast, competitive and satisying for the expectations of our customers with dynamic teamwork.
Our goal is to reach not just the city or country we are in, but the whole world.